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Recent news from our blog

Voting rights action by Gov. Beshear a huge win for a healthy democracy

Kentuckians throughout the state are elated that Gov. Steve Beshear has taken steps to restore the voting rights for tens of thousands of state residents.

“Pretty awesome,” is how KFTC member Mantell Stevens reacted to the news. “To be able to vote means a lot to me. I always encourage people to vote, but now I can lead by example. I tell my nieces and nephews the importance of voting, but I could never vote myself.

“To be able to actually go and vote and to show them the importance of participating in democracy will mean so much to me,” added Stevens, who lost his right to... Read more

Empower Kentucky will build a state energy plan “that works for everybody”

An ambitious project to re-shape Ky’s energy future to one that “that works for everybody” …

Sustaining Gifts, when joined together, make a big impact

As KFTC chair, I’ve learned what an impact member gifts make on our ability to do the work every day

Federal grants support economic transition efforts for eastern Kentucky

KFTC members are applauding the Obama administration’s commitment to a just economic transition...

Benham Power Board launches innovative residential energy efficiency program

Residents of Benham, Kentucky will soon benefit from an innovative energy efficiency program.

KFTC members "All In" during exciting annual meeting

KFTC members affirmed once again that we are “all in” for a better Kentucky.

Members ask for strong protections for streams affected by mining

Keep the impacts of coal mining out of our streams and waterways members psuh at hearing.