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Rev. Damon Horton


"I haven't always been a minister, you know.  At one point, I was a gang member and a drug dealer.  I ended up getting arrested in 2003 and again in 2004 when I was sentenced to 12 years for drug trafficking." 

"It was a little after that that I realized that the lord was calling on me to preach.  I really changed my life around.  I did a lot of preaching in the penitentiary and it really felt like the right thing to be doing." 

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Benham solar represents a much deeper transition plan

The mountain community of Benham, Kentucky received a healthy dose of national attention recently when the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum announced it has installed solar panels to save thousands of dollars annually on its power bill. The "solar-keeps-the-lights-on" story was first carried by a regional TV station, WYMT. It was quickly picked up in the Washington Post, Grist... Read more

Jefferson County members help secure nearly $10 million for affordable housing

Housing coalition's work wins nearly $10 million for affordable housing in Louisville.

Georgetown Ready for Fairness

Beginning last October with the inaugural Georgetown Pride festival, members in Scott County have...

Reflections from a Grassroots Leader

Jefferson County KFTC member, Cassia Herron, represented the organization at The Rally...

Mapping environmental (in)justice in Kentucky

Justice and health equity need to be front and center of our energy plan. Are they?

Remembrance of Patty Wallace's remarkable life

Patty Wallace, “a real heroine to those of us in KFTC," passed away on November 20.

Panel encourages courageous solutions to economic issues

University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law featured Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Professor...