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Black Lung Benefits

House Bill Number: 

House Bill 239 would repeal language in the 2018 workers' comp law limiting who can perform evaluations in occupational disease claims; this law has been used to make it much harder for miners with black lung disease to qualify for compensation.

Learn more about the crisis in black lung in Fixing What's Broke.

Bill Sponsor(s): 
A. Hatton, B. McCool + 12 others

Ensuring that folks who've worked in the mines have the health care, income and retirements they deserve requires a Just Transition. KFTC members and our allies have been working at the state and federal levels to ensure that the epidemic in black lung disease is properly addressed.

You can learn more about the work at the federal level at To learn more about ways you can help at the state level, email Lisa Abbott at:

House Bill 239 has been assigned to the House Economic Development & Workforce Investment Committee.

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