Minimum wage

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Senate Bill 51 and House Bill 182 both would increase the minimum wage to $15/hour though some of the particulars and other provisions in the bills differ. SB 51 would increase the the minimum wage incrementally until it reaches $15 by 2026; and the wage for tipped workers to $4.90/hour by 2022; and would allow local governments to pass a higher minimum wage. HB 182 would achieve the $15 rate by 2023 and also has provisions to prevent wage discrimination based on sex, race or national origin.

Here's information about a minimum wage increase from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy.

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Sens. Reginald Thomas & Gerald Neal; Rep. Mary Lou Marzian

SB 51 is assigned to the Senate Appropriations & Revenue Committee. HB 182 is assigned to the House Economic Development & Workforce Investment Committee. Similar bills in recent legislative sessions have not received a hearing in this committee.

KFTC's platform calls for a living wage for all Kentuckians.

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