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Public education funding

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House Bill 205 and Senate Bill 118 would re-direct public education funds to private and charter schools.

These bills are presented in the context of school vouchers for private schol students. However these vouchers could funnel tens of millions of dollars away from our public schools every year and is a back-door way of funding charters schools.

The Kentucky Center for Economic Policy explains: "Direct public spending on private schools through vouchers is prohibited by Kentucky’s constitution. Accomplishing the same purpose through the tax code instead with an almost 100 percent tax credit seemingly circumvents this prohibition, which is why these programs, currently existing in 17 other states, are also called “back door vouchers” or “neo-vouchers.”

Bill Sponsor(s): 
Rep. John Carney + others; Sens. Alvarado & Thayer

HB 118 was assigned to the House Appropriations & Revenue Committee. SB 118 was assigned to the Senate Appropriations & Revenue Committee.

There was a hearing on HB 205 in the House committee on March 5. No vote was taken, and the bill was not brought up again because it did not have enough votes to pass..


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KFTC Opposes