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Restrictive Voter ID

Senate Bill Number: 

Senate Bill 2 contains a variety of provisions adding restrictive requirements for voter IDs and provisional ballots. This bill requires voters to have a photo ID to cast a ballot instead of the variety of identification methods currently allowed.

More information here: Kentucky bill would make it harder for formerly incarcerated people to vote

Bill Sponsor(s): 
R. Mills, D. Thayer, + 10 others

KFTC’s platform supports policies that facilitate full democratic participation.

Senate Bill 2 passed the Senate State & Local Government Committee by an 8-3 vote on January 22, and because it was fast-tracked by Senate Republicans got a vote by the full Senate the following day and passed, 29-9. See how Senate committee members voted. See how the full Senate voted.

SB 2, with a committee substitute, was approved by the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, 11-7, on February 20 (see how committee members voted).

Thirty-six floor amendments have been filed and may be debated by the full House on February 27.

KFTC's Position: 
KFTC Opposes