Another Big Day in Georgetown - Voter Guides, Earth Day, Kites, Ben Sollee, Recycling and More

At noon, Scott County KFTC members came back to the Kite Fest with the first 150 copies of our Georgetown Voter Guide, with candidates responses on a number of issues. 

This is the first time we've published a guide focused on Georgetown city races and 15 of the 21 candidates we sent questions to responded, giving voters a lot of information to inform their vote on May 22nd.  

You can download the PDF of the Scott County Primary Voter Guide HERE.

Next, we went to Change: The Earth Day Event with Ben Sollee, an event organized by the Georgetown Sustainability Initiative (GSI).

KFTC members continued to register voters, talk to people about issues like mountaintop removal mining and local recycling efforts, as well as recruit a few new members and pass out voter guides. 

Many members also took voter guides to leave in key areas or present to other civic organizations in the community. 

The event itself was a smashing success with many hundreds of people coming out despite the cold weather and wind.  No one seemed to remember a time when this large of a social event was held on campus or one that was quite so successful at also bringing out people from the community to make connections with students. 



For more photos from the event, visit the gallery on KFTC's flickr account here. 

Thanks to KFTC members and friends that came out to volunteer this weekend or played a big role in organizing it: Nick Pennington, Michelle Flannery, James Snyder, Bruce Gordon, Courtney Boyd, Rosanne Klarer, Morgan Reeves, Cristian Nunez, Filly Tierney, Caliesha Comley, Clare White, Homer White, Mary Lou White, and many others.


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