Big Weekend Push to the Oct 9th Voter Registration Deadline!

gIMG_6731The voter registration deadline is just a few days away on Tuesday, October 9th.

KFTC chapters across the commonwealth have already registered thousands of voters in recent weeks, but in these last few days, we’ll be pulling out all the stops, registering voters at:


Contact your local KFTC Organizer to see if there are voter registration events in your area this weekend, and come on out and join us!

Or if you can’t do that, at least make sure you and your friends and family are all set to vote.

gIMG_6838Voter registration cards must be turned into the correct County Clerk's office by the time end of business hours on Tuesday, Oct 9th, or postmarked and mailed to either the correct County Clerk or the State Board of Elections.

Note that 17 year-olds who will be 18 on November 6th or earlier can register now and vote in the election.

Also note that students away at school can either use their permanent home address or their temporary local address as their voter registration address.  It's completely up to them, but given that election day is a school day, we encourage students to consider registering at school - because they're much more likely to vote if the voting location is close and easy to get to.  

Former felons in the state of Kentucky cannot vote - even after they have served their debt to society - unless they have received a partial pardon from the Governor to have that right restored.  It's too late for this election, but former felons who have completed their sentence may request their rights back by filling out this form

To learn how to register to vote and to print off a mail-in version of the Kentucky voter registration card, click here.

To learn where you're currently registered to vote in Kentucky, click here.  Note, however that recent changes to your registration might not be reflected in your record yet.

Don't wait any longer - get yourself registered as early as you can and talk to your friends, neighbors, and family members to make sure they're registered too.

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