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Shelby County pie auction fun and fundraising

Shelby County Pie Auction September 18, 2014The Shelby County KFTC Chapter raised more than $800 at its first Pie Auction September 18.

About 30 people bid on 13 pies (including a cake and a cobbler), with winning bids ranging from $35 to $100. People also purchased KFTC shirts and hats and made direct donations.

KFTC members and friends who contributed pies went to the effort of making two of each: one for auction and one for tasting before the bidding began.  Goods included derby pie, chocolate pie, peach cobbler, Belgian butter cookie cake, chess pie, lemon meringue pie and others. During the tasting, the talented Susi Wood entertained the crowd with live acoustic music.<--break->

Chapter member Shane Ashford served as auctioneer in a performance that put the lie to his claim never to have tried auctioneering before. His praise of the pies and their creators, teasing shy bidders and pleas for generosity to support KFTC's good works inspired higher bids than most expected.

The auction took place at Talon Winery in Shelbyville and included a free wine tasting.  The event was free to attendees, thanks to generous donations from Shelby KFTC members to cover the winery rental.

Shelby County Pie Auction September 18, 2014Bakers included Ann Ellerkamp, Ariane King, David Rouse, Gina Rose, Tim and Roy Koons-McGee (of Louisville's Comfy Cow fame), JoAnne Rouse, Ellen Schildt, Leslie Sneed,  Peggy Rinehart, Leslie McBride and Lisa Aug