Bevin’s Voting Rights action unnecessary, reverses positive steps forward

Posted by: KFTC staff on December 23, 2015

Gov. Matt Bevin’s action Tuesday to take away automatic voting rights restoration to an estimated 150,000 Kentuckians was unnecessary and sets back progress toward a healthy democracy, KFTC leaders say.

“We’ve been working with Democratic and Republican House leaders for a permanent legislative solution to this issue for a decade,” said Dana Beasley Brown, chairperson of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth. “We’re glad that Gov. Bevin supports this approach. But until Republican leaders in the Senate stop blocking the needed legislation we need interim solutions like the executive action taken by Gov. Steve Beshear in November.”

We Are Kentuckians Rally on January 5th

Posted by: Carissa Lenfert on December 21, 2015

Let’s start the new year off with a declaration at our Capitol!

Kentuckians overwhelmingly want a ban on hydraulic fracking

Posted by: KFTC staff on December 14, 2015

Kentuckians who testified at three public hearings last summer or submitted written comments overwhelmingly want strict controls or an outright ban on high-volume hydraulic fracking.

Central Kentucky members celebrate as Lexington raises the minimum wage

Posted by: KFTC Staff on December 11, 2015

Lexington minimum wage victory

Central Kentucky KFTC Chapter members are still celebrating a big victory in Lexington. On November 19 the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government voted 9-6 to raise the minimum wage in Fayette County from $7.25 to $10.10 over a period of three years.

The chapter had been working on this issue for nearly a year by lobbying council members, cosponsoring and attending rallies, speaking at council meetings, writing and calling council members, and writing op-eds and letters to the editor, among other strategies.

This victory is significant not only because it will affect an estimated 31,300 workers, according to the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, but also because it makes Lexington the second city in Kentucky and only the third city in the South to raise the minimum wage.

Janet Tucker, a long-time KFTC member, former KFTC chair, and co-chair of the Working Families Campaign is excited about the victory. She first brought the issue of raising the minimum wage to the chapter.

“This was a tremendous victory for thousands of hard-working people in Lexington!”

“This was a tremendous victory for thousands of hard-working people in Lexington!” Tucker said. ”Much thanks goes out to the many people, including KFTC members, who worked on this for months, to Jennifer Messotti who championed this bill, and to Steve Kay and all members of council who voted for this bill. We realize this is not a living wage and there is still much work to be done. The Lexington Working Families Campaign will continue to work equity here in Central Kentucky.”

We met our match!

Posted by: KFTC staff on December 8, 2015

Thanks to hundreds of KFTC members who made gifts over the past week, we met our $50,000 challenge match. In fact, we raised more than $55,000!

Meeting our challenge in this way shows the kind of participation and inclusiveness that have made KFTC what we are today. And you are such an important part of that.

In the last 24 hours of the challenge, KFTC received nearly 300 donations totaling more than $16,000. That’s pretty amazing and inspiring.

If you contributed to KFTC during the past week or any time during this fall campaign, thank you so much.

If you haven’t yet made a gift, you still have time to help us reach our annual goal of $500,000.

We’re excited and proud to have met our match. And we’re still pushing toward our larger goal. Raising $500,000 will enable us to do the work in 2016 that it takes to achieve our vision for Kentucky.

This is how we build power, by working together. 

Historic settlement reached with coal company over EKy water pollution violations

Posted by: KFTC staff on December 8, 2015

A coalition of citizens groups entered a settlement with Frasure Creek Mining and the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet that resolves years of Clean Water Act violations numbering in the tho

PowerBuilders: Building Power for KFTC and Kentucky

Posted by: KFTC Staff on December 2, 2015

During KFTC’s membership and fundraising campaign, our PowerBuilders are a huge part of our success. By reaching out to their own networks, PowerBuilders recruit members, raise funds and build power to achieve our vision for Kentucky.

If you’d like to support KFTC during the campaign, donating through a PowerBuilder is a great way to do it. You can renew your membership, join KFTC or make a special donation through any of our more than 50 PowerBuilder pages. And you’ll read some great stories!

To suport a PowerBuilder, go to powerbuilders.causevox.com.

Now's our chance - double your donation this week!

Posted by: KFTC staff on December 1, 2015

Thanks to all of you who have made a gift to KFTC during our membership and fundraising campaign.

We have some great news! In this last week of the campaign, we have the opportunity to double the impact of every gift we receive. A generous KFTC member has offered to match every gift dollar for dollar if we can raise $50,000. And we have to raise it this week.

Voting rights action by Gov. Beshear a huge win for a healthy democracy

Posted by: KFTC staff on November 24, 2015

Kentuckians throughout the state are elated that Gov. Steve Beshear has taken steps to restore the voting rights for tens of thousands of state residents.

“Pretty awesome,” is how KFTC member Mantell Stevens reacted to the news. “To be able to vote means a lot to me. I always encourage people to vote, but now I can lead by example. I tell my nieces and nephews the importance of voting, but I could never vote myself.

“To be able to actually go and vote and to show them the importance of participating in democracy will mean so much to me,” added Stevens, who lost his right to vote in 2000 after spending 30 days in jail and three years on probation for a drug possession charge.

Give today and build twice the power

Posted by: KFTC Executive Committee on November 9, 2015

We joined KFTC to work with others to build power and make change. Since then, we’ve been on a journey together, with you and thousands of other Kentuckians.


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