Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform

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[UPDATE: Click on the links in the schedule below for highlights from the recent meetings!]

Kentuckians are worth the investments for good jobs, clean air and water, quality educations, and healthy, vibrant communities. This Kentucky is possible, but we need to reform our state taxes. 

This summer is our best opportunity in the last decade to win tax reforms that improve the quality of life in Kentucky. A Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform has been appointed to study and build consensus around tax reforms that meet the guidelines of fairness, competitiveness, simplicity and compliance, elasticity and adequacy. The Commission is holding Public Input Meetings across Kentucky. Everyday Kentuckians share their best ideas about needed state tax reforms – ideas that will shape the Commission's recommendations for the 2013 General Assembly.

Please plan to participate in the meeting near you! As Madison County member Meta Mendel-Reyes says, "If we're not there, who will be?"

Action Toolkit

Below are three opportunities and some tools to get your voice heard!


Here is a set of talking points with more information about specific policy recommendations that are consistent with KFTC's principles.

Here is a printable version of the framework in the sidebar.

1) Plan to come to a public meeting near you

Click here to sign up to speak.

Click here to let KFTC know that you're coming so we can be sure to coordinate!

2) Leave your comments on the Commission's website

Whether you plan on coming to one of the public meetings or not, please do leave your comments on the Commission's website.

3) Write a letter to your local paper before your local meeting

Writing letters to the editor will help create good local conversations before each public meeting. Here's a link with several papers' submission pages.

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