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Renew East Kentucky resources

The Clean Energy Collaborative 1-pager

A 1-page handout that's an overview of the Clean Energy Collaborative of which KFTC is a part with other allies, the East Kentucky Power Cooperative, and the 16 rural electric cooperatives served by EKPC.

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

KFTC's Platform of Rural Electric Cooperative Reforms

This .pdf contains KFTC's platform of the reforms we're working toward in the rural electric cooperatives. This platform was developed by KFTC members and approved by KFTC's Steering Committee in 2010.

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

A Cooperative Approach to Renewing East Kentucky

This article, written by KFTC members Randy Wilson and Sara Pennington, describes a vision for how Kentucky's rural electric cooperatives could help drive job creation, energy savings, and renewable energy production across eastern and central Kentucky.

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth / Sara Pennington and Randy Wilson

The Opportunities For Distributed Renewable Energy in Kentucky Presentation

A presentation given by the lead author of the report "The Opportunities for Distributed Renewable Energy in Kentucky," Rory McIlmoil of Downstream Strategies, via webinar.

Source/Author: Downstream Strategies

Renew East Kentucky petition

This is a printable version of our Renew East Kentucky petition.  Use it at tabling opportunities to talk with people about their home energy use.

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth