Sustainable Energy resources

Comments to KY Public Service Commission by Tom FitzGerald and Metro Housing Coalition, June 2018

This is a legal brief filed by attorney Tom FitzGerald of Kentucky Resource Council on behalf of his client, the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, regarding a case before the Kentucky Public Service Commission. In this case, Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities are requesting permission to significantly scale back their energy efficiency programs that exist to help customers save money and energy. This brief lays out a strong set of arguments against LGE/KU's proposal. 

Source/Author: Metropolitan Housing Coalition and Tom FitzGerald

Black Lung Benefits Trust Fund fact sheet

This one-page fact sheet describes the urgent need for Congress to secure funding for the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund, which provides monthly payments and medical benefits to coal miners disabled from black lung disease and their surviving dependents, if their employer is bankrupt or when no coal operator can be identified as responsible for paying benefits. 

Source/Author: Appalachian Citizens Law Center (ACLC)

Co-op Contact List and Tip Sheet for Saving Energy

This document provides contact information for rural electric cooperatives and some other utilities, plus a terrific set of tips for saving money and energy. It was produced for participants in KFTC's Power House Workshops. For more information, contact

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Pulaski County Power Map

This Power Map of Pulaski County was created as part of a Power House Workshop, offered in Somerset by KFTC on April 7, 2018. It shows the various utilities that serve parts of the county, and describes the average rates and bills they charge, compared to the state average. It also describes the energy burden, or percentage of median income used to pay for residential electricity, for different communities in the county. For more information about Power House Workshops, contact

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, Laura Greenfield

Bath County Power Map

This map, created by KFTC member Laura Greenfield, describes the boundaries of local utilities serving Bath County. It also describes the average electric rates and bills compared to the state average, and shows the energy burden - or the percentage of median household income spent on electricity - for different areas of the county. This map was produced to support a Power House Workshop offered by KFTC on April 8, 2018 in Bath County. For more information, contact 

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, Laura Greenfield

Empower Kentucky Environmental Justice Analysis - Exec Summary

This Executive Summary describes the outcomes of an Environmental Justice Analysis developed by KFTC members as part of the Empower Kentucky Plan. For more information, visit

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth (Laura Greenfield)

Empower Kentucky Plan

The Empower Kentucky Plan shows that a Just Transition to a clean energy economy is possible in Kentucky. Shaped with input from more than 1,200 people from Pikeville to Paducah, this plan describes ways we can produce better results in terms of jobs, health, and energy bills, and affected workers and communities - while doing our part to protect our climate. For more information about the Empower Kentucky plan and process, visit

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

KFTC Environmental Justice Analysis - Preliminary Report and Documentation

This report provides full documentation of several preliminary maps produced by KFTC's Environmental Justice Workteam. Feedback is welcome to A final report will be published in early 2017. 

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth EJ Workteam. Lead author, Laura Greenfield

Draft framework for the Empower Kentucky Plan, 2016

This draft was shared with participants at the Empower Kentucky Summit, September 30-October 1 in Louisville. Feedback is welcome. Comments may be sent to A final plan will be released in early 2017. 

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Kentucky's Changing Energy Landscape - A presentation at 2016 A Seat At The Table events

This is a recording of a slide show presentation about Kentucky's changing energy landscape used during a series of public events - called A Seat At The Table - held in the spring of 2016 to gather public input about Kentucky's energy future. These events were part of KFTC's Empower Kentucky project. 

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth