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If you think there should be a way for you to have more of a say about issues in Scott and Harrison counties, you're right! 

The Rolling Bluegrass Chapter of Kentuckians For The Commownealth is committed to holding elected officials accountable and making our democracy stronger while working to make our community better a better place for all of us. Come join us and get involved. We are currently working locally on making curbside recycling available in Georgetown, on pushing for a fairness ordinance in Scott and Harrison Counties, protecting water, and affirmatively furthering fair housing.

Recent Activities

Remembering James Snyder

Scott County KFTC member, former felon spokesperson, and KFTC voter empowerment strategy team member James Snyder passed away in his sleep suddenly earlier this month.

We interviewed James in balancing the scales and on this blog last year as part of a series of interviews with former felons struggling to get their right to vote back. 

He served in the army for 9 years, was politically active all of his life, but amongst other things, James had a felony in his distant past.  That didn’t keep him from voting where he lived in Illinois, but he returned to Kentucky to take care of his parents and so he wasn’t allowed to vote.

This is What Democracy Sounds Like



After passing out a few voter guides earlier in the day, Tim and Rosanne Klarer too to the streets of Georgetown with a sound truck, reminding and encouraging people to vote and letting them know how much time they had until the polls close. 


Scott County Voter Mobilization Update

gDSC_0403Last night, Scott County KFTC and NAACP members called through the last of the people in our database, plus much of the Ed Davis precint's registered voters – about 200 people called in all. 

Thinking through the impact of Scott County's Voter Empowerment work in 2012, Rosanne Fitts Klarer said:

"I think we're creating a positive buzz – making a space for people to get engaged in politics. It brought it home for people. It's about connecting people to real issues and not just sound bytes and it's rare for people to otherwise have information to cast an informed vote on local races. I also think it's great that we can take today to celebrate voting as a key part of our Democracy. Some people think Democracy happens on it's own. It doesn't. But we're making it happen."

Zombies, voter guides, and phone calls, oh-my.

gDSC_0427Scott County KFTC member have been busy lately

gDSC_0413A few days ago, we gathered with Georgetown NAACP and had an evening of voter mobilization calls, calling through a list of 150 people in an evening, and making a plan to distribute 300 print voter guides. 

Last night, our allies in the Georgetown College Sociology Club organized a Social Justice workshop where students got to learn about the work of such campus groups as the Student Abolitionist Movement, Student Women and Gender Society, Campus Spectrum, Georgetown Sustainability Initiative, Ambassadors of Diversity, and Common Ground (Campus Ministry).  

Big Week Ahead in Scott County

Tim KlarerWe have a huge week ahead in Scott County with lots of voter mobilization events, so if you're in the area, come on out!

Tonight - Monday, Oct 29th - Scott County Voter Mobilization Phone bank - 6:30pm at the Meeting House at Georgetown College.  We'll call Georgetown residents to make sure they're all set to vote, along with our local NAACP allies.  

Tuesday, Oct 30th  - Thriller Zombie event in Georgetown 7pm down town o Main Street.  If we can, let's gather in front of the Lock and Key at 6:30pm and again at 7pm.  We'll pass out zombie-themed handbills encouraging people to vote. (Rain date is Oct 31st).


Regular Meetings:

Scott County Public Llibrary
104 S. Bradford Ln.
Georgetown, KY 40324
Monthly chapter potluck

We meet on the 1st Thursday of the month starting at 6:30 p.m. People are encouraged to bring food to share, if they can. However, there always more than enough to go around!

Chapter Organizer:

Joe Gallenstein
Georgetown, KY

Upcoming Events:

March 5

Rolling Bluegrass Chapter Meeting

104 S Bradford Drive
Georgetown, KY 40324

Join the Rolling Bluegrass chapter as we talk about our work to create a more just Kentucky!

April 2

Rolling Bluegrass Chapter Meeting

104 S Bradford Drive
Georgetown, KY 40324

Join the Rolling Bluegrass chapter as we talk about our work to create a more just Kentucky!