Chapter: Scott County

If you think there should be a way for you to have more of a say about issues here in Scott County, you're right. 

The Scott County KFTC Chapter is committed to holding elected officials accountable and making our democracy stronger while working to make our community better a better place for all of us. Come join us and get involved. We are currently working locally on making curbside recycling available in Georgetown, and on pushing for a fairness ordinance in Scott County.

Recent Activities

Calling all artists and serious pie makers - Arty Pie Party

gIMG_2094We seek conscientious artists and craft folks who want to stand up for social justice in Kentucky by contributing their work for our friend- and fund-raiser: the Scott County Chapter of KFTC'S Third Annual Arty Pie Party on November 17th at 7:30 p.m.

We warmly invite you to attend and hear what we're up to. Plus we have a blast with great live gypsy music, delicious pies and spirited conversations. KFTC gives voice to thousands around the state who join together in order to improve our lives.

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Voter Registration Outreach today in Georgetown


Members of the Scott County Chapter of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth were out today at the Festival of the Horse in Georgetown canvassing the crowds and registering more people just days before the Oct 9th deadline. 

We only registered about a dozen voters, but at least twice that many people stopped ut to ask questions about what candidates will be on the ballot, how to cast an absenttee ballot, or about some other election-related question.  Others remembered our Scott County Voter Guide from the primary election and let us know that they're looking forward to receiving one for the General Election.

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Big Weekend Push to the Oct 9th Voter Registration Deadline!

gIMG_6731The voter registration deadline is just a few days away on Tuesday, October 9th.

KFTC chapters across the commonwealth have already registered thousands of voters in recent weeks, but in these last few days, we’ll be pulling out all the stops, registering voters at:

An array of events over three days as part of Northern Kentucky Loves Democracy A table at this weekend’s Swappin’ Meetin’ in Harlan County The Festival of the Horse in Scott County A 36 hour straight voter registration marathon in Lexington! And a 48-hour-straight voter registration marathon in Louisville!! And much more!


Contact your local KFTC Organizer to see if there are voter registration events in your area this weekend, and come on out and join us!

Or if you can’t do that, at least make sure you and your friends and family are all set to vote.

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51 students registered to vote at Georgetown College today

gIMG_7172KFTC and  Georgetown Sociology Club members registered voters at Georgetown College earlier today, bringing in 51 voter registration in just a little over two hours.

Most conversations focused on letting students know that they have the right to register either using their local campus address or their permanent address back home.  In most cases, it's better to vote locally where it's the easiest, but we also helped half a dozen students from Ohio to think through the process of voting absentee back home where it might have a big impact on the presidential election. 

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Big week in Scott County

gIMG_2552Our Scott County KFTC chapter has a big week this week

Tonight - There will be a Scott County City Council forum at 6pm at First Baptist Church 1330 Lexington Rd.  It's sponsored by M.O.V.E. Inc. and partially publicized by our allies at the NAACP.

Wednesday - Georgetown College KFTC members and friends are spearheading a voter registration drive on campus from 11am to 2pm in the heart of campus.

Thursday - There's a Scott County KFTC Chapter Meeting coming up at 7pm at the Georgetown Library.  We'll also be scheduling a series of other events including phone banks that evening. 

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Regular Meetings:

Scott County Public Llibrary
104 S. Bradford Ln.
Georgetown, KY 40324
Monthly chapter meeting

We meet on the 1st Thursday of the month starting at 6:30 p.m. People are encouraged to bring food to share, if they can. However, there always more than enough to go around!

Chapter Organizer:

Joe Gallenstein
Georgetown, KY

Upcoming Events:

June 1

Scott County Annual Chapter Annual Meeting

104 S. Bradford Lane
Georgetown, KY 40324

Join the Scott County chapter of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth for their annual chapter meeting (AND POTLUCK!!)!

June 3

Ice Cream for Fairness


Hosted by