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Chris Tobe

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Question 1: 

What is your vision for the role of the Kentucky Auditor? How will our commonwealth be better in four years if you are elected?

I want to Change the culture of Cover Up and Corruption in Frankfort to protect your tax dollars and expose wrong doing... rooting out corruption & holding those responsible accountable.  The Auditor shouldn't be another politician or a political wannabe.  

“A Pension is a Promise” That is what I screamed at the capitol steps When Governor Bevin & his supporters tried to illegally slash teachers' pensions & those of our police officers and other public employees, I opposed them.    You can see and hear me screaming on the PBS Frontline Special. “A Pension is a Promise” Taxpayers deserve a clean pension without corruption   Gov. Bevin wants to take pensions from teachers and public employees and enrich his hedge fund cronies who now steal over $200 million a year.  I will stop the Wall Street theft, 

I won't quit until every pension fund is transparent and the billions of dollars invested by Kentucky's taxpayers & public employees are being managed properly and professionally.

We need a professional auditor who will hold corrupt bureaucrats & career politicians accountable - without fear or favor. My vision is to restore integrity, transparency & accountability to every level of state government.

Question 2: 

Please highlight previous experience that qualifies you for serving in this office.

I worked for former Kentucky State Auditor Ed Hatchett on his executive staff overseeing all areas of the office for 2 ½ years and have over 25 years of financial experience.  In the late 90’s I wrote reports on pensions, university foundations, state cash investments for the Auditors office.

I'll be the first Auditor with master’s degrees in both Accounting & Finance (from Indiana U. Bloomington) ... the most experienced Auditor in Kentucky's history.  

As a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), I've dedicated my professional career to advising large states across the country on their pension investments & best practices.  I was hired by the Utah Legislative Auditor and the Maryland Retirements System internal auditor to review complex investments in pensions. I have taught finance & accounting classes at U. of Louisville, Bellarmine, & Webster. 

As a 4-year public pension trustee for KRS, I completed the Program for Advanced Trustee Studies at Harvard Law School and Fiduciary College held at the Stanford University

There is no one better prepared to be your next Auditor of Kentucky.  That's all I want to do.  I have absolutely no future political ambitions. Zero. None.

Question 3: 

What steps have you taken or would you take to fight political corruption in Kentucky?

I have been fighting corruption in Kentucky for the past 20+ years helping Jim Wayne write most of the pension corruption legislation.

Kentucky has been ranked #1 in State Government Corruption by both Harvard & Illinois studies.  My number #1 goal is to stop corruption in Frankfort and my #1 target is our troubled and corrupt Pension System. Other targets are Department of Fish & Wildlife, Yum Center and the Governor's corrupt practices with Brady Industries.

As the Kentucky Retirement System Board member who discovered & publicly exposed the graft & corruption in our pension system, I know where the proverbial bodies are buried.  I even wrote a book about it called Kentucky Fried Pensions. I became a SEC whistleblower as KRS board member.  I had the FBI watching Tim Longmeyer for pension corruption when they caught him for health care corruption, and he is currently in federal prison

I helped write with Jim Wayne pension corruption legislation in 2018 making it Class D felony to invest in illegal hedge funds and private equity funds which was refiled as HB 126 in KYGA19.

Question 4: 

What steps have you taken or would you take to ensure open, fair and transparent operations of state and local government, schools, and other public institutions?

I have been the main proponent in KY for past 20 years of transparency in pensions, but also university foundations & others.   

In June 2018 I started the KY chapter of Represent US a national transparency group.

I have been a global leader in Transparency and serve on the London based Transparency Taskforce and published 3 articles in “Transparency Times”

I have published 4 books and dozens of articles on transparency in investments including. Kentucky Fried Pensions which was cited by Pulitzer winner Gretchen Morgenson of the NY Times and Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone.  I have been quoted and work regularly on public pension corruption stories with Neil Weinberg of Bloomberg, David Sirota of YoungTurks & the Guardian, Travis Waldren of the Huffington Post, and Pulitzer winner Gary Rivlin formerly of NY Times now with the Intercept.   In KY I been quoted and worked on dozens of articles on pension transparency by John Cheves HL, Joe Sonka Insider Louiville, Jim McNair KCIR.   I appeared in PBS Frontline piece on KY pensions discussing transparency. 

It will take the most qualified Auditor in KY history to clean up and bring transparency to the most corrupt state government in America!