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Mike Harmon

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Question 1: 

What is your vision for the role of the Kentucky Auditor? How will our commonwealth be better in four years if you are elected?

First, let me say, when I first started as Auditor, I told all our team that I didn't want to hear that we had targeted anyone or given anyone a pass. I simply wanted them to follow the data.  If given the opportunity to serve another four years I believe we will continue to build on our work.  We did the first ever external audit of the Administrative Office of the Courts, we examined KYWired, KLEFPF, Louisville Foundation, Louisville Arena Authority, and more.

Question 2: 

Please highlight previous experience that qualifies you for serving in this office.

Prior to being elected Auditor in 2015, I served 13 years in the KY General Assembly.  Since 2015, I have served as KY Auditor of Public Accounts and hope to continue in that role after this election.

Question 3: 

What steps have you taken or would you take to fight political corruption in Kentucky?

While in the role of Auditor, we did the first ever external exam of AOC where we had 20 findings including the fact that they leased property for a Justice from a company owned by the Justice's sons and at 3 times the amount of the next closest bid.  We did a Financial Statement Audit of the Louisville Arena Authority with expanded comments and showed that 75% of it's revenue came from tax payers. These are just a few of the around 600 audits a year that our office completes.

Question 4: 

What steps have you taken or would you take to ensure open, fair and transparent operations of state and local government, schools, and other public institutions?

We called on AOC to have annual Financial Statement Audits and pointed out that even though they adopted open records policy they did so in a closed meeting. We pointed out in KYWired that the final Project agreement went dramatically outside the original RFP and response and flipped the script and risk for the state and taxpayers from the original 30 million to 1.5 Billion as one Governor was heading out the door. We have continually promoted any tips of waste, fraud, and abuse should be directed to our tips line at auditor.ky.gov or 1-800-KY-Alert.