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Kyle Sweeney

Political party: 
Question 1: 

What is your vision for strengthening civic participation in Boone County? How will our county be better in four years if you are elected?

Frequent, transparent communication is the key. Kenny Brown was very good at it, and it has dropped off in the months since his unfortunate passing. It needs to be restored first, then increased.

Question 2: 

If you become Boone County Clerk, what will you do to increase voter registration and turnout?

Again, I think communication is the key. Social media allows us to reach out to the people of Boone County easily, frequently, and at no cost to the taxpayer. Membership and participation in the various groups and sites will allow us to build a campaign to get and keep the voters motivated to come out.

Question 3: 

What is your view on modernizing state election laws? Specifically, do you support allowing early voting, mail-in ballots, extended hours at polling locations, offering ballots in multiple languages and other election reforms? Please explain.

I absolutely support early voting, mail-in absentee voting, extended hours, and language options. All citizens have the right to vote and making it easier should be a priority.

Question 4: 

Do you support a constitutional amendment restoring voting rights to the hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians with felonies in their past who have completed their sentence? Please explain.

This is obviously a sensitive subject. There are a wide variety of felonies, so it's tough for me to lump them all in as "felons" when there's a huge difference between a murderer and someone who got caught with an ounce of cannabis. That said, I'm open to a plan that allows offenders who have been discharged from the justice system to regain their vote. If they are truly safe to be functioning in society, they should be able to get their rights back. If they're not safe to be free in society, they should still be in prison.

Question 5: 

How will you ensure that voters who have their voting rights, but may be in jail or awaiting trial on election day, are able to vote?

I think the easiest way is to ensure they have access to appropriate absentee ballots with enough time to get them completed and turned in.