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District Judge 46th district/1st division

This race is to fill a District Court vacancy in the 46th judicial district, division 1 created when the sitting judge was appointed to a higher court. The district covers Breckinridge, Grayson and Meade counties.

There are three candidates in the nonpartisan election: Bradley S. Butler, Zanda Myers and Beth Constant Ratley.

Myers responded to the KFTC judicial candidate survey and her answers follow. Butler and Ratley did not respond.

Zanda Myers

Campaign website: https://www.zandamyers4judge.com/

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Question 1:

What educational, occupational, and community experiences have you had that qualify you for this judicial office?

I have been a trial attorney for nearly 16 years. During that time I have served as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. I have jury trial experience with misdemeanor, felony and complex civil litigation cases. I have had jury trials in seven different counties in Kentucky. I have handled cases in 48 different Kentucky counties. I have handled every type of case a District Judge hears. I also have successfully handled appeals. My trial experience and appellate experience have given me the knowledge and skills to hear cases and issue orders that comply with the law. The fact that I have equal experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney means that I am capable of objectively viewing cases with an unbiased perspective and applying the law fairly. Additionally, having worked as a prosecutor and a public defender, I am accustomed to handling the high volume of cases seen in District Court which equates to effective docket management and timely orders.