Donald Trump

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Question 1: 

What is your vision for the role of U.S. President? How will our Commonwealth and country be different in four years if you're elected?

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Question 2: 

What are your ideas for building a healthier and more diverse economy in Central Appalachia?

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Record check: Mr. Trump's website does not point to a plan to diversify Central Appalachian economies. He has said that he will bring back coal jobs, though he hasn't offered specifics on how he would reverse the 30-year decline of the coal industry, aside from deregulating mine safety. The recent New York Times piece, "Beyond Coal: Imagining Appalachia's Future" offers a helpful overview of current conversations about a just transition in East Kentucky. 

Question 3: 

What measures would you take as President to ensure access to affordable health care for all Americans?

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Record check: At press time, the most recent example of Donald Trump explaining his plan for health care was on September 9 at the Family Research Council's 11th Annual Values Voter Summit: "We’re going to get rid of [the Affordable Care Act] and we’re going to replace it with some great, great alternatives."

Question 4: 

Do you support implementation of the Clean Power Plan? What opportunities do you see in the CPP to create new jobs and energy savings for Kentuckians?

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Record check: Mr. Trump has not referenced the opportunities within the Clean Power Plan. On the contrary, he has repeatedly said that he would do away with the Clean Power Plan, as well as pull out of the international Paris climate accord. These positions are outlined on his website, under "Economic Vision."

Question 5: 

As President, what policies would you support to protect public health and ensure access to clean water and air for all Americans?

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Record check: Mr. Trump's website doesn't speak to a plan to ensure clean water and air. Mr. Trump has repeatedly suggested that he'd roll back – and at times as suggested that he'd dismantle – the Environmental Protection Agency. A fact sheet posted to his website on Sept. 15th proposed eliminating several EPA programs designed to protect our water and air. Those proposals were stripped out on Sept. 16th. It's not clear today (Sept. 20), what Mr. Trump's proposals will be. 

Question 6: 

How would you increase economic opportunity for Americans, and reduce income and wealth inequality? Do you support a minimum wage increase?

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Record check: Donald Trump's website doesn't speak to his stance on increasing the minimum wage. His public comments have varied from calling for a federal increase, to delegating the responsibility to individual states, to abolishing the minimum wage altogether. Politifact and The Washington Post have documented Mr. Trump's various responses about the minimum wage. Mr. Trump also has outlined a tax plan. The plan would cut tax rates on the offshore profits for multinational corporations, and would cut the corporate tax rate by 60%. It would cut taxes on hedge funds. It would also cut income taxes, and eliminate the estate tax – a tax on estates worth more than $5.5 million. Citizens for Tax Justice estimates that Mr. Trump's plan, instead of raising public dollars, would cost $12 trillion over the next decade. Citizens for Tax Justice and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities have blog posts and reports that offer more insight into Mr. Trump's economic policies as they become available.

Question 7: 

As President, what would you do to support greater racial justice and address racial inequality in the United States?

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Record check: Mr. Trump's website does not speak to plans to address racial inequality. But his proposals--to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., and to deport undocumented immigrants--have been well publicized. Ballotpedia offers an accounting of Mr. Trump's statements on its website. 

Question 8: 

Do you support the restoration of voting rights for former felons who have served their full sentence? Are there other policies you support to increase voting rights and access to voting?

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Record check: Mr. Trump's website doesn't speak to voting rights or voting access.