Harold "Hal" Rogers

Political party: 
Question 1: 

What is your vision for the role of U.S. Congressman from Kentucky? How will our Commonwealth be different in two years if you are elected?

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Question 2: 

What are your ideas for building a healthier and more diverse economy in Kentucky? Specifically in Eastern Kentucky?

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Record checkIn 2013, Congressman Rogers collaborated with then-Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to launch an initiative called Shaping Our Appalachian Region (SOAR), to support economic transition in eastern Kentucky communities. This initiative has not always lived up to its promise or potential. However, it has made important contributions by bringing people together, focusing attention on key opportunities and challenges facing the region, and directing state, federal and private investments towards transition efforts. 

In 2015, Congressman Rogers introduced the RECLAIM Act, a bill to create local jobs and improve environmental quality by directing a billion dollars towards the reclamation of abandoned mine sites in areas most impacted by the loss of coal jobs. He has supported and expanded some parts of President Obama's budget proposals that have resulted in significant new federal investments in public infrastructure, job training and placement programs, and economic development projects in eastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia. 

Recently, Congressman Rogers has drawn criticism for his support for spending $444 million on a new federal prison in Letcher County. Local residents are asking for those resources be invested in other ways that could produce broader benefits to the community.

Question 3: 

What measures would you take as Congressman to ensure access to affordable health care for all Kentuckians?

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Record checkRep. Rogers voted against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (often called Obamacare) in 2010. And he has voted to repeal it numerous times, including as recently as 2015 (HR 596). 

Question 4: 

Do you support implementation of the Clean Power Plan? What opportunities do you see in the CPP to create new jobs and energy savings for Kentuckians?

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Record checkRep. Rogers voted twice to express disapproval of new rules proposed by the EPA to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing and new power plants (SJ Res 23 and 24).

Question 5: 

As Congressman, what policies would you support to protect public health and ensure access to clean water and air for all Kentuckians?

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Record checkRep. Rogers has cosponsored and voted for many bills to roll back, weaken or block protections for our air, water, forests and climate. 

He voted to block federal funds from being used for major climate research and reports (H Amendment 1040), and to prevent federal agencies from using the cost of climate change in decision-making (H Amendment 585 & HR 348). He voted to block implementation of a stronger federal rule to protect headwater streams from surface coal mining (HR 1644). He voted to create short-cuts around environmental review for polluting industries (HR 348). He voted for a bill that would require citizens to post a bond before objecting to proposed logging projects on federal lands (HR 2647). He voted to oppose a new Clean Water Rule adopted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA (SJ Res 22).

Question 6: 

How would you increase economic opportunity for Kentuckians, and reduce income and wealth inequality? Do you support a minimum wage increase?

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Record checkRep. Rogers did not cosponsor a bill in 2013 to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 (HR 1010). In 2013 he did not vote on a bill to restore $20.5 billion to the program that provides food assistance to low-income and working poor Americans (H Amend 176). He has voted yes on bills to reduce taxes for the wealthiest Americans, including by repealing the estate tax (HR 1105).

Question 7: 

As a Congressman, what would you do to support greater racial justice and address racial inequality in the United States?

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Question 8: 

Do you support the restoration of voting rights for former felons who have served their full sentence? Are there other policies you support to increase voting rights and access to voting?

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Record checkRep. Rogers is not a cosponsor of the Voting Rights Amendment Act (HR 885) to prevent racial discrimination in voting and election laws.