Rand Paul

Political party: 
Question 1: 

What is your vision for the role of US Senator from Kentucky? How will our Commonwealth be different in six years if you are elected?

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Question 2: 

What are your ideas for building a healthier and more diverse economy in Kentucky? Specifically in Eastern Kentucky?

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Question 3: 

What measures would you take as Senator to ensure access to affordable health care for all Kentuckians?

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Record checkSen. Paul has voted numerous times for bills to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, including as recently as 2015 (S 22).

Question 4: 

Do you support implementation of the Clean Power Plan? What opportunities do you see in the CPP to create new jobs and energy savings for Kentuckians?

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Record checkSen. Paul cosponsored and voted for a bill that was an attack on the Clean Power Plan (S.Amdt.836 to S.Con.Res.11) and earned the title "Dirty Air Villain" from the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund.

Question 5: 

As a Senator, what policies would you support to protect public health and ensure access to clean water and air for all Kentuckians?

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Record checkSen. Paul earned the title "Dirty Air Villain" from the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund because of his votes to dismantle the EPA, block safeguards from mercury pollution, and weaken air quality standards.

Question 6: 

How would you increase economic opportunity for Kentuckians, and reduce income and wealth inequality? Do you support a minimum wage increase?

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Record checkSen. Paul proposed a plan for restructuring the federal tax system by replacing the personal income tax and payroll taxes with a flat-rate 14.5 percent income tax, and replacing the corporate income tax with what amounts to a value-added tax (VAT). A Citizens for Tax Justice preliminary analysis of the plan finds that it would likely cost $1.2 trillion a year and $15 trillion over a decade – a substantial hit to our federal budget. 

Sen. Paul has led the charge to cut SNAP, the nutritional assistance program. Sen. Paul also voted against raising the minimum wage (S.2223 - Minimum Wage Fairness Act). 

Question 7: 

As a Senator, what would you do to support greater racial justice and address racial inequality in the United States?

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Question 8: 

Do you support the restoration of voting rights for former felons who have served their full sentence? Are there other policies you support to increase voting rights and access to voting?

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Record checkSen. Paul supported legislation to restore voting rights to former felons of non-violent crimes in federal elections. However, he has opposed legislation proposed to restore the Voting Rights Act, which was gutted in 2013. This legislation would require states with a history of voting discrimination to clear their voting changes with the federal government. The bill also would require federal approval for voter ID laws and outlaw new efforts to suppress the minority vote. Sen. Paul did not support this legislation.