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Question 1: 

Internet service -Many in our county live in rural communities that have inconsistent internet access. The lack of internet accessibility makes it harder for folks to access information from local government, needed services, conducting personal businesses, and serves to isolate folks from the broader community. What can the fiscal court do to create better internet access for rural residents?

The fiscal court has worked diligently with current providers as well as new wireless providers to provide internet to all residents.

Question 2: 

Landfill -Currently, the Central Kentucky Landfill is located near Sadiveville. Residents have had concerns about overcrowded narrow roads, creating dangerous driving situations in the surrounding community. There have been several accidents involving vehicles delivering trash, and residents living nearby have raised questions regarding serious quality of life concerns. In addition to this, the company maintaining the landfill is seeking to expand its size. What steps can and should the fiscal court take to assuage residents concerns?

The fiscal court has approved additional chemical testing of the surrounding areas, contributed funds for Double Culvert Road, and provided restrictions through the Solid Waste Plan.  All roads leading to the landfill our state roads as well as the Division of Waste has the oversight of landfills in the state of Kentucky.

Question 3: 

Fairness -Currently people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ+) lack protection from discrimination in housing, employment, or public accommodation under state or federal law. Nine cities in Kentucky have passed their own expanded human rights ordinance, often to referred to as a Fairness Ordinance, to extend protections to LGBTQ+ individuals. Regionally this has included cities such as Frankfort, Lexington, and Midway. Do you support a fairness ordinance in Scott County to protect LGBTQ+ individuals from discrimination?

I am open to listening and understanding all legislation brought before the fiscal court.

Question 4: 

Health, Stability, etc. including Housing -What steps will you take to encourage and ensure health, stability, and well-being for low income residents of Georgetown, especially when it comes to affordable housing?

The county has continued to keep property taxes low.  I have not voted for a tax increase while in office.

Question 5: 

Revenue for Infrastructure Needs -As Scott County continues to grow we will need to fund new infrastructure needs for our county. In addition, much of our older infrastructure is about to be scheduled for needed maintenance. What are your strategies for finding needed revenue for both recurring and new infrastructure needs?

I continue to work with our state representatives to improve infrastructure on our state roads.  Additionally, the county is continuing to support paving and servicing our roads and bridges.

Question 6: 

Spindletop Water Concerns -Last year it was discovered that a sewage spill contaminated the water of the roughly 1500 person community of Georgetown Mobile Estates, formerly known as the separate communities of Ponderosa and Spindletop. What will you do to help make sure that all residents have adequate and safe water?

I have continued to work with the city, county, GMWSS and the owners of the Georgetown Mobile Estates to accomplish a viable solution.  I believe we are close to completing that goal.