Whitesburg City Council

You can vote for 6 candidates.

Candidates in this race who did not respond to our survey:

  • Derek Barto
  • Shelia Short
  • James Bates
  • Larry Everidge
  • Erlene Cornett
  • Tom Sexton
  • Robin Watco
  • Mike Jackson

Daryl Royse

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Question 1:

What do you see as Whitesburg’s greatest assets and opportunities?

Whitesburg has not only an amazing asset in it's natural beauty but also in the people who live here. The people of Whitesburg have a strong work ethic, a strong sense of community, and an even stronger spirit of perseverance and fortitude, that has been passed on for generations. 

The opportunities here are vast but the primary opportunity I see is self-destiny.  Since the significant losses in coal mining, Whitesburg faces a new era that it can re-imagine itself as it's citizens choose.  It can become a hub for increased business growth, technological improvements, and a new sense of purpose for the region, if there is a renewed energy and focus from the community and it's leaders.