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New Energy and Transition Resources

E.g., 01/2020
E.g., 01/2020

The Ohio Apollo Program: Green pathways out of poverty towards family-sustaining wages

Policy Matters Ohio

Reviews Ohio's process of passing statewide renewable energy and energy efficiency goals and details the benefits, including the createion of thousands of jobs, that the state has seen as a result of doing so.

Option for Protecting Kentuckians' Economic Well-being in the Face of Energy Cost Increases

Center for Environmental Policy and Management, University of Louisville

Discuss the energy challenge that Kentucky faces as energy bills rise and will continue to do so. Recommends investing more heavily in energy efficiency and assessment of other options as means to protecting Kentuckians in the coming years from drastic energy cost increases.

The Opportunities For Distributed Renewable Energy in Kentucky

Downstream Strategies

Details how distributed renewable energy systems, such as solar hot water and solar panels, could generate up to 34 percent of Kentucky’s electricity by 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Clean Energy Opportunity Act

Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance

This handout contains talking points to respond to frequently asked questions about our clean energy legislation.

Clean Energy Opportunity Act handout

Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance

This is our fact sheet for our Clean Energy Opportunity Act legislation. It is current for the 2012 5legislative session.