Promoting Clean and Affordable Energy

To renew east Kentucky, and to create thousands of new jobs, we propose that the East Kentucky Power Cooperative and its sixteen distribution cooperatives launch a strong energy efficiency and renewable energy program that is well-funded and long-lasting in the EKPC service area.

One way KFTC is working to accomplish this is by participating in the Clean Energy Collaborative. KFTC members serve as leadership with East Kentucky Power Cooperative staff on the Collaborative and are working to review and recommend clean energy and energy-saving options to EKPC's management.

Another way we're working to promote clean and affordable energy, and jumpstart an economic transition in Appalachian Kentucky and beyond, is by supporting and promoting:

such as How$martKY, that will help the most vulnerable save money by saving energy, while also creating good, local jobs. [Learn more...]

both in Kentucky and on the federal level, that will expand clean energy and provide funding for energy-saving programs, like How$martKY. [Learn more...]