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Summit: Kentucky's Future Beyond Fossil Fuels

Pipelines, Fracking, and Kentucky's Future Beyond Fossil Fuels Summit

Landowners and others affected by the proposed Bluegrass Hazardous Liquids Pipelines announce a summit to educate Kentuckians about the issues of natural gas liquids(NGLs), fracking, landowner rights, and local options for communities seeking a sustainable future.

Kinder Morgan / Tennessee Gas Pipeline Project

Kinder Morgan wants to "re-purpose" one of its decades-old natural gas pipelines running through Kentucky to carry hazardous liquids. Here's more information.

Natural Gas Liquid Pipelines in Kentucky

From KFTC's General Assembly 2014 Power Up series, a webinar about NGL pipelines, and opportunities and strategies to keep them out of Kentucky.

EPA fracking regulations lag, including in Kentucky

A new, extensive Government Accountability Office study of the EPA’s hydraulic fracturing regulations says they need to be updated and are insufficient to ensure the safety of drinking water. To make these conclusions the GAO studied tracking practices in eight states, including Kentucky.

What the Frack is Fracking?

As natural gas drilling becomes more and more abundant in Letcher County, the folks in that chapter have become as educated as possible on the issue. Nitro-Fracking is the preferred method of fracking in the region, which has been more difficult to understand because most natural gas drills in America tend to use Hydro-Fracking.


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