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LGBTQ equality

Bereans for Fairness rally

Meta Mendel-Reyes"When I first came to Kentucky, my employer did not have domestic partner benefits, and we  couldn't pay all our medical bills. As a lesbian/member of the LGBTQ community, I am proud to belong to an organization that fights for equality for all Kentuckians."

Meta Mendel-Reyes
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Sample of a local Fairness Ordinance

As KFTC has grown, expanding our vision of equality for all Kentuckians has been a labor of love and a transformative internal process. While many members shared this vision of equality for decades, in 2004 our Steering Committee shared a series of deeply emotional conversations, meetings, and personal reflections and eventually adopted language to our platform to include our LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer or Questioning) communities. Since then (and well before), our local chapters and statewide members have contributed to a growing movement for fairness, safety and celebration of diversity in Kentucky and beyond.

From offering our staff domestic partner benefits to lobbying our elected officials for fairness ordinances and anti-bullying legislation, KFTC members continue to prioritize our vision for a better Kentucky all Kentuckians deserve. As you can read in our blog feed below, our local chapters have recently prioritized LGBTQ equality through Fairness Ordinance organizing in Berea, safe restroom campaign in central Kentucky, creating LGBTQ support networks in Perry County, and much more.

What is a Fairness Ordinance:  A Fairness Ordinance would prohibit discrimination in the workplace, housing, and public accommodations based on sexual orientation or gender identity. We believe that all Kentuckians have a right to live without fear of unjust discrimination, regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. As written, Kentucky law does not guarantee this right, and must be changed. We support a statewide Fairness law and also Fairness ordinances at a local level until a statewide law is establish.

Campaigning for a Non-discrimination Policy at Georgetown College


In the last few months, students and faculty of Georgetown College have been trying to a pass a non-discrimination policy on campus to make a safer space for gay and lesbian members of the community, making it impossible for students, faculty, or staff to be fired or expelled from the college just because of their secxal identity.  

A proposal from the faculty to create such a policy moved to the Board of Trustees late last year, but the Board decded to not move forward with it. 

The Scott County Chapter of KFTC decided to support the campaign by facilitating a "power analysis" to help clarify the objectives of the campaign, map out where stakeholders stand on the issue and how much influence the have, to help plan next steps.  It was also a good space to root our work in why fighting discrimination and standing in solidarity woth the LGBT community is important. 

Fairness in Shelbyville

Shelby County KFTC members and supporters were visible with their blue T-shirts.

The Shelbyville City Council is considering a proposed Fairness Ordinance presented on November 15 by the Shelby County KFTC chapter.
Council members listened politely and without comment to presentations by chapter members Jane Elkin Thomas and Ann Ellerkamp, both residents of the city.

Thomas explained the plain meaning of the ordinance.

Shelbyville Fairness Ordinance presentation

Shelby chapter KFTC members will present a Fairness Ordinance to Shelbyville City Council.

Please join us this Thursday evening, Nov. 15, as we request the Shelbyville City Council to accept a Fairness Ordinance for the city.

HCTC Diversity Club meet up

Diversity ClubJoin Perry County KFTC members and HCTC students for t

East Kentuckians Support Statewide Fairness

Matt Heil Bereans for FairnessLots of well-publicized energy has been put into Fairness organizing and strategizing in eastern Kentucky communities over the last year or more. Bereans for Fairness has had an exponentially growing wave of organizing efforts for a city ordinance in support of fairness and human rights, including several strong shows of local and statewide support at city council meetings and rallies.  Last summer, there was great public outcry after two men were ejected from the Hazard Pavilion pool for alleged public displays of affection.


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