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KFTC is "All In" for building regional progressive power and standing with Georgians

KFTC has been in conversation with national and regional allies, and particularly with our allies in Georgia, about ways that we can pitch in to build power in the South through our continued work to unseat Mitch McConnell – if not as Kentucky’s senator, at least from holding the power of the US Senate Majority Leader.

KFTC’s Immediate-Past Chair, Meta Mendel-Reyes, has helped lead this work, and here is her request to fellow members. 

We choose each other when we support building progressive power in the South, and right now, power is at stake in Georgia – with broad consequences for Kentucky and the entire nation.

Georgia's Read more

Justice for Breonna Taylor: Amplifying and learning from the Louisville uprising

Racial justice uprisings, combined with a pandemic and elections, offer important lessons.

Let's recommit to show up for each other, organize, vote and take action to defend our democracy

The is the time to show up for each other, organize, vote and take nonviolent action.

Cassia Herron: In the wake of century-old violence, our task is to organize

What we saw in Louisville and…across the country is folks tired of being ignored. Our task …

KFTC Live: conversations among members working on the front lines

KFTC Live centers women/ Trans/ Femme and voices of color in the work of KFTC members …

KFTC statement and action on COVID-19

KFTC is actively working to ensure anyone engaging with KFTC can do so as safely as possible.

Revisioning what we mean by "A Just Transition"

Members updating and affirming description of Just Transition vision, principles and platform