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a Vision, building New Power and
a better future for all of us. Together,
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Recent news from our blog

Cassia Herron: In the wake of century-old violence, our task is to organize

What we saw last night in Louisville and what we’ve seen across the country is folks tired of being ignored. Police brutality and misconduct are a century-old issue that reflects our country’s grotesque and murderous beginnings. While these issues are pronounced in Black and urban communities, it’s true that we are all affected by a police state with few mechanisms for co-governance, accountability and justice. People are taking to the streets because racist ideologies that created police are the same that curd the very fabric of every American institution that exists and our current leaders are doing very little to change it. 

As KFTC members, our task is to do what we know best – and Read more

KFTC members show up in big ways for primary election

KFTC's 'all-in' effort reaches out to tens of thousands of voters despite pandemic

RECLAIM Act and AML pass the House as part of The Moving Forward Act

The RECLAIM Act would provide $1 billion to help coalfield communities, if McConnell allows …

KFTC statement and action on COVID-19

KFTC is actively working to ensure anyone engaging with KFTC can do so as safely as possible.

Revisioning what we mean by "A Just Transition"

Members updating and affirming description of Just Transition vision, principles and platform

KFTC leaders confront results of racial justice assessment

KFTC leaders discuss analysis of KFTC culture, obstacles and goals regarding race equity.

How can a community come together to respond to the COVID-19 crisis?

Response of Berea residents strongly aligned with KFTC values …