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Past Actions

Speak Out: Kentucky Power Is Seeking a Punishing Rate Increase In Eastern Kentucky

A pension is promise. Don’t cut it, fund it.

Governor Bevin and the Kentucky legislature are planning to roll out changes to Kentucky’s public pension system this week that will hurt public workers, breaking the promise of a public pension and stripping our public servants of the benefits they have earned. Legislators have only paid the legally required payment into the pension fund for 7 out of the last 21 years all while giving out billions of tax breaks to millionaires and corporations. And now they’re blaming us state workers and trying to cut our benefits. This isn’t right! 

We need you to raise your voice and stand with me and the rest of our public workers.

Support a Just Transition for Coal Communities


The RECLAIM Act would help communities struggling with the decline of the coal industry to make a just transition by disbursing $1 billion over five years from the federal Abandoned Mine Lands fund.

Call Senators McConnell & Paul today to stop the latest ACA repeal bill in its tracks

From Kentucky Voices for Health

While some Senators are engaging in positive, bipartisan talks to stabilize the ACA marketplaces, proponents of Graham-Cassidy are trying to force a vote on repeal before the end of September (when current budget rules expire that allow the Senate to pass a repeal bill with just 50 votes, plus a tie-breaking vote from the Vice President).

The Graham-Cassidy bill is just as bad as all of the previous repeal efforts, if not worse.

Protect our families and communities; defend DACA youth

KFTC is guided by our vision for Kentucky, which includes our own dream of working for a day, “when discrimination is wiped out of our laws, habits and hearts.” And yet we are reminded daily of the discrimination that many Kentuckians face, including new immigrants.

DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – is an Obama administration program that allows undocumented immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children to apply to stay in the country while they pursue their education or employment.

Comments due on Gov. Bevin's Medicaid proposal

Public Comments on Gov. Bevin's Medicaid Changes Due Wednesday, Aug. 2, 11:59PM

COMMENT PERIOD TOOLKIT (from Kentucky Voices for Health)

Join the fight for tax justice

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth is ramping up our organizing efforts around fighting for tax justice in 2017. We’re approaching a moment of urgency for this work, and want you involved. Below you will find several opportunities for you to get involved in this campaign and organize for economic justice in Kentucky. Please register for and/or share out this information to folks in your circles who's voices should be at the table for this work.

Tell Congress to keep the promise to coal miners

Health care benefits will be taken away from more than 22,600 coal miners and their families in just a few days. U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell has the power to see that this doesn't happen.

Stop unfair monthly service fee hikes by LG&E and KU

Benham Power Project -- March 2014

Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities are proposing unfair new rates that will hurt customers, especially low-income people, and damage our health and air quality.

LG&E and KU want to double their flat monthly service charge, the fee that people pay no matter how much energy they use. The base rate for KU’s electric service would climb from $10.75 to $22 per month. The monthly fee for LG&E’s electric service would also jump from $10.75 to $22, and the charge for natural gas service would climb from $13.50 to $24. That means most of LG&E’s residential customers will owe a minimum of $46 a month – even if they use no gas or electricity whatsoever!


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