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Executive Branch Budget

House Bill Number: 

House Bill 192 is the Executive Branch Budget, covering most state agencies.

Gov. Andy Beshear proposed a state budget in January. That proposal was introduced as HB 192 but quickly amended in the House. Read what the governor proposed here: "Governor’s Budget Increases Funding for Relief and Reinvestment."

Bill Sponsor(s): 
Reps. J. Petrie, B. Reed, R. Dotson

HB 192 was amended quickly and passed both the House and Senate in early January, with each chamber then going through a process of not agreeing with the other chamber's changes so that the budget could be created in conference committee, without public hearings.

On March 15, both chambers approved the "free conference committee" report and passed a state budget (executive branch) much different from the one proposed by Gov. Beshear. The vote was 30-0-6 in the Senate and 74-23 in the House.

Read about the what legislators did here: "Legislature To Pass Austere Budget, Prevent Governor From Using New Federal Aid Without Authorization."

Gov. Beshear vetoed a number of line items in the budget. Legislators sustained a few but overrode most of his vetoes on March 29.