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Open Records

House Bill Number: 

House Bill 312 as originally filed was a neutral bill to correct language in existing statute. The House State Government Committee changed the bill to one that weakens the Open Records Law. The bill was again amended in the Senate.

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Bill Sponsor(s): 
Reps. B. Rowland, C. Massey, B. Wesley

HB 312 was approved by the House, 71-26, on February 26. The Senate amended the bill and approved it, 22-11, on March 11. The House concurred with the Senate changes on March 12, by a 70-26 vote. 

On March 23, Gov. Beshear vetoed HB 312. The House (66-29) and the Senate (22-16) voted to override the governor's veto of HB 312 on March 29.

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