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Public funding for private schools

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House Bill 149 would have created the Education Opportunity Account Program by offering tax credits to donors, in essence using public dollars for private school tuition and education-related expenses. The potential loss to the state General Fund would have been $205 million over five years.

For an analysis of the bill, see "Voucher Proposal Takes Dollars from Kentucky’s Public Schools and Gives Them to Unaccountable Private Schools."

Bill Sponsor(s): 
Rep. Chad McCoy / Sen. Ralph Alvarado and other Republicans

HB 149 was assigned to the House Appropriations & Revenue Committee. The bill was not moving  so the bill language was added to House Bill 563, which passed the House, 51-45, on March 11. See the entry above for action on HB 563.

A companion bill, Senate Bill 25, was assigned to the Senate Appropriations & Revenue Committee but did not receive a hearing or vote with HB 563 moving.

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KFTC Opposes