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Public funding for private schools II

House Bill Number: 

House Bill 563 started as a bill to allow non-resident pupils to be counted in a district's average daily attendance; it was amended in the House to also include school voucher language from HB 149 (see below), which was not moving.

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Bill Sponsor(s): 
Reps. C. McCoy, S. Santoro

HB 563, as amended with school voucher language, passed the House, 51-45, on March 11. 

In the Senate, HB 563 was further amended and approved by the Senate Appropriations & Revenue Committee hearing on March 16, and passed the full Senate a few hours later, 21-15. The House later concurred with Senate changes, 48-47. 

HB 563 was vetoed by the governor on March 24, citing the $25 million cost that would be taken away from public funds and used to subsidize private schools. The House (51-42) and the Senate (23-14) voted to override the governor's veto on March 29.

See how legislators voted on HB 563.

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KFTC Opposes