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Solar amendment

Senate Bill Number: 

House Floor Amendement 1 made several important improvements to Senate Bill 100:

  • Allows for third-party leasing of systems;
  • Opens the door for one, rather than multiple, cases before the PSC to set the rate for solar energy credits, and ensures that solar advocates have intervention rights;.
  • Removes language for "instantaneous netting"
  • Requires the PSC to consider a list of identified benefits of solar in setting rates;
  • Adopts clear grandfathering language in SB 100, and provides a 10-year grandfather for anyone opting to install rooftop solar before 2024. 

However, the amendment fails to correct flaws in the bill in that it continues to define net metering in terms of “dollar value” rather than kilowatt-hour credits. The failed House floor amendment would have fixed this language.

On February 21, the Senate refused to concur with the House amendment. On March 14, the House voted 50-38 to recede from its amendment, and then passed the original Senate version of the bill, 55-36. On March 26 Gov. Bevin signed SB 100 into law.

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