2014 Kentucky Kicks Ass Brewfest | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

2014 Kentucky Kicks Ass Brewfest

Austin Norrid, Danielle Empson, Tyler Offerman>800 Tickets

50 Beers

35 Volunteers

14 Breweries

3 Food Trucks

3 KY Hops Organizations

1 Awesome Honky-Tonk DJ

= FUN!


For the second year in a row, KFTC’s Central Kentucky Chapter raised thousands of dollars for KFTC and had a great time doing it in the process. On Saturday, November 22nd, the 2nd Annual Kentucky Kicks Ass Brewfest made its splash in Lexington and it did not disappoint! Breweries from all over Kentucky stepped up to share their products and quenched the thirst of attendees from all over our Commonwealth.

Tickets were a hot commodity and sold out the day before. Numerous folks posted requests on the Brewfest’s Facebook event page looking for tickets to no avail. We were able to raise over $17,300 to continue the important work KFTC does to make Kentucky a better place to live for all of us, not just some of us.

“The Brewfest was a lot of fun and it’s a great way to support the work KFTC does. You get to come out, have some beer, and meet people working for justice that live in your own community. Our chapter gets to share the good work its been doing in Central Kentucky and new folks have the opportunity to be a part of that themselves,” said Shawn Hays Lucas, Brewfest volunteer and KFTC member.

Attendees were able to enjoy delicious local beer and delectable food from our local food trucks. They got crazy with the awesome shootingfrenzy team in their portable photo booth arena and learned all about the great work around agricultural ventures and hop farms that are sprouting up from the folks at the The Kentucky Hop Growers Alliance, Boyd's Bottom Hops & Wildlife, and Revolutionary Hop Farm.BrewfestCrowdCKY Chapter member and Brewfest volunteer Chris Woolery said of his experience, “I love the Brewfest because it puts KFTC in front of a lot of people that might not otherwise hear about us and our work. Volunteering for this event allowed me to talk to those people directly and help us get new members, too!”

We recruited new members and had dues-renewals of a combined 162 people.  We even saw folks from our Jefferson Co., Madison Co., Wilderness Trace, Big Sandy, and Perry Co. chapters! Thanks for coming out to support us, KFTC fam! We’re definitely building new power here in Central Kentucky and look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Special thanks to:

Our Volunteers: Tons of CKY Chapter members and new folks who’ve now drunk the KFTC Kool-Aid!Reyno Tapia, Meredith Atkins, Allie Sehon

The Breweries: Against The Grain Brewery, Apocalypse Brew Works, Beer Engine, Bluegrass Brewing Company, Blue Stallion Brewing Company, Country Boy Brewing, Cumberland Brewery, Ei8ht Ball Brewing, Ethereal Brewing, Falls City Brewing Co., Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co., Rooster Brew, Sterling Beer, and West Sixth Brewing

The Food Trucks: Minton's at 760, Thai & Mighty Noodle Bowls, and Hardwood Pizza Company

The Music: DJ Leroy

The Info Booth: The Kentucky Hop Growers Alliance, Boyd's Bottom Hops & Wildlife, and Revolutionary Hop Farm

The Photography: shootingfrenzy

The Venue and Event Staff: The Grand Reserve and The Barrel House Events Center