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Celebrate with Occupy Lexington!

Kentucky has something else to be proud of today:  Occupy Lexington, the longest Occupy Lexingtonrunning Occupy site in the nation (wow, right?!), is celebrating its 100th day today! And in true Occupy Lexington fashion, the celebration is all about inviting people into the space, and into the movement. 

Occupy Lexington is impressive not only for its longevity but also for how participants have been facilitating community learning and engagement. There's a study group working for a People's Budget for Lexington/Fayette County (meeting tonight, and a couple of folks will be talking about the campaign at the Jan 19 KFTC CKY meeting), and Occupy Lexington has launched a campaign called Invest in Kentucky, which seeks to move our state funds back to a local financial institution.

If you're in Lexington, get on downtown and visit the fine folks at Occupy! Below is a list of today’s events, and you can find more information on the facebook page.

12:00: The Speaker's Corner will begin with a teach-in and continue throughout the day.
12:30: Teach-in on the consensus process with Kate Folsom.
1:00: Teach-in on political theory with Steven Burt.
2:00: Household working group meeting.
3:00: Libertarian Municipalism: Get an update and contribute your thoughts on the community markets that are being developed for Spring/Summer 2012.
4:00: Guerilla Bocce League: Two balls, one game to eleven.
4:30: Pot luck. If you plan to bring food, post on the event's wall!
5:30: People's Budget meeting.
6:30: General Assembly.
7:30: March.
8:30: Occu-Party!

We hope to have some photos to post later today, for all of you not near Lexington. In the meantime, a hearty congratulations to Occupy Lexington for all their great work!

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