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Election Day Report from Rowan County




   When Rowan County's Election Officer Judge arrived at the Courthouse at 5:40 AM, she was greeted by an unexpected surprise: a line. "We've never seen anything like this," she reported. According to Judge Isaac, by 1pm, voter turnout had exceeded expectations. Another official commented that 90% of voters, arriving before 10am were Morehead State University students.  KFTC, which registered voters county wide, conducted a lengthy voter registration drive on MSU's campus--an effort which seems to have materialized at the polls today. Hundreds of first time voters showed up today, including (pictured left to right) Curtis Way, Chris Shafik, HJ Adams, Bradley Bryan and Nathan Blume.

   Way, Adams, Bryan and Blume registered to vote on Morehead's campus. Shafik (second from left) is an Australian national who, although unable to cast his own vote, came along to support his friends and witness this historic election.


   According to Adams, "if young voters turn out today, they will significantly impact local and national elections."

  In other news, the Morehead City Transit system will shuttle folks to the polls for free today.  Volunteers could not convince local businesses to fund the endeavor. However, we just learned a few days ago that the Morehead City Transit will, in the name of democracy, provide free rides to the polls. We offer our sincere thanks, and look forward to riding the bus.

  Everyone agrees that they will be watching closely. No matter the outcome: Democracy wins in Rowan County.

                                                              - Paul Lovelace


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