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Georgetown's Curbside Recycling Campaign


Scott County KFTC members have been quietly organizing for a few months now on a local campaign to start a curbside recycling service in Georgetown. 

Right now, there is some local recycling going on, but it completely relies on very dedicated people to bring their recyclables to a central location themselves.  We think that curbside recycling could vastly increase the degree to which folks in Georgetown recycle.

We've met with city officials including the mayor and a few city council members and others and are exploring a few different options.  To their credit, everyone we've talked to has been very open to the idea and it's just a matter of building a solid plan with broad public support. 

So now we're starting to take our message to the people of Georgetown much more broadly, circulating a petition, visiting organizations, and generally getting out and talking to people of Georgetown. 

Benefits of Curbside Recycling

- Less waste in our landfills means a cleaner environment and less need to pay for more landfills.
- Recycling saves energy that would have been used to refine new materials for products like cans or paper. 
- Recycling conserves resources – Meaning that we need to do less logging and mining to get the same benefits. 
- Convenience – People who already recycle in Georgetown could save the time it takes to visit the recycling center.
On top of all of that, an expanded recycling program in Georgetown could be expected to pay for itself or even make a profit.


Things *You* Can Do to Make an Impact

- Sign our petition so that we can let the mayor and city council know you support curbside recycling.  You can also help us circulate the petition amongst friends and neighbors. 

- Write a letter to the editor to the Georgetown News-Graphic in support of curbside recycling.  Even a small, simple letter can reach thousands of people and the entire city council.
Georgetown News-Graphic 1481 Cherry Blossom Way Georgetown, Kentucky 40324
You can also submit a letter online at Here.

- Join us at the next Kentuckians For The Commonwealth Meeting – on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 7pm to 9pm at the Scott County Public Library, 104 S. Bradford Ln, Georgetown.

- Contact the Mayor and City Council to let them know you support curbside recycling.   A quick, polite phone conversation, email, or letter could show public support for recycling.

Mayor Everette Varney   - Email Form -   502-863-9800

Georgetown City Council
David Lusby   - Email Form -   502-863-2663
Kelly McEuen   - Email Form -   502 867-3835
Brad Penn   - Email Form -   502-863-4918
Larry Prather   - Email Form -   502 863-0350
Mark Singer   - Email Form -   502-867-1948
Bonnie Skinner   - Email Form -   502-867-6942
Connie K. Tackett   - Email Form -   502 863-2699
Marvin Thompson   - Email Form -   502-867-1415

All city council members are "at large" so each of them represent each Georgetown resident equally. 

You can also visit City Council meetings on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 6pm.or write a letter to the mayor or any city council member at 100 N Court St., Georgetown, KY 40324.



We've scheduled our first shifts at the recycling center to gather petitions on Saturday July 16th and Saturday July 23rd, each 9am to noon to circulate our petition.  Here are some of the materials we'll be using:

- Petition

- Handout

- Sign/ Clipboard-back

If you live in Georgetown or are connected to people in Georgetown, please lend a hand!

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