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Get Out Film Screening

The Scott County chapter co-hosted a showing of the film Get Out with allies in Georgetown as a continuation of a racial justice film series. Partnering with the Scott County Public Library, the film and conversation was promoted by KFTC, the Georgetown-Scott County NAACP, Central Kentucky Speaking Up for Racial Justice, Georgetonw College Ambassadors for Diversity, and Georgetown Justice Speaks.

The film, a psychological thriller that focuses on race relations in America, was picked in part to separate from the past showing of more documentary style film series. Promoting the event to the public, it was a showing that brought students from Scott County High School and Georgetown College, residents of Scott County, and other members of the larger community.

The conversation dealt with both the messages of the film, and also the experience of folks in the community. From the erasure that people of color often experience in society and in movements, trends often being taken from communities of color to generate wealth within white communities, micro aggressions shown in the film and experienced in real life, and the differences in the experiences of white people in the film showing and people of color.

The Scott County chapter hopes to continue to build on this event to continue a conversation on how to achieve racial justice and equity in our Commonwealth.