KFTC and ally groups make energy efficiency front page news! | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

KFTC and ally groups make energy efficiency front page news!

Check out the front page of today's issue of the Lexington Herald Leader.  The article "The meter's running: With costs rising, groups urge conservation" came out of a press event that KFTC co-hosted with the Kentucky Environmental Foundation and the Sierra Club yesterday. 

This week our three groups brought in a national energy efficiency and utlity expert to meet with  East Kentucky Power Cooperative (a large energy provider to RECCs in the state that has plans to build two new coal-burning power plants in Clark County).  Our three groups also arranged an event in Richmond where Mr. Cannon presented his information to the public and also an event in Lexington where Mr. Cannon's message was directed towards the local media. 

Energy Efficiency Expert Glenn Cannon answers questions at Richmond event

KFTC appreciates Mr. Cannon coming to Kentucky to share what he has learned as a former utility manager who invested heavily in energy efficiency to make it successful.  We look forward to continuing to work on our campaign to move EKPC and other utilities away from coal-burning and to energy solutions that value our health and environment. 

To read the Lexington Herald Story click here.


Reach out to your utility provider --  Mr. Cannon is widely known and regarded in the utility industry for having successfully implemented energy efficiency programs that conserved while also saving his utility more than $1.5 million in the process.  All RECCs in Kentucky were invited to meet with Mr. Cannon and learn from his national expertise.  However, only East Kentucky Power Cooperative and Bluegrass Energy took advantage of this opportunity.  If you are a member of an RECC that did not attend, contact them and let them know it is time they step up to the plate and learn from what others have done in other states! 

If your utility provider is not an RECC, they also need to hear from their customers!  Write to them and let them know you support implementing energy efficiency solutions that have worked in other states and can work here.  For more information on how to reach your utility company or help writing the letter, please contact Carissa Lenfert at 859-986-1277 or carissa@kftc.org.



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