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Rally Against Insane Redistricting Draws Crowds in Lexington


Today, KFTC members, Occupy Lexington activists, and many others gathered in downtown Lexington to speak out against the irrational and undemocratic redistricting process that leaves them without a duly elected Senator until 2014.

Despite only having about 48 hours to organize the event, it was a great success, with 125 enthusiastic people attending. 

Whereas the rally was focused on this particular Senate district, participants broadly recognized that the redistricting plans out of both the Democrat-controlled House and the Republican-controlled Senate were unjust, hopelessly partisan and against the ideals we expect legislators to hold themselves to in the redistricting process.

Even Sen Dorsey Ridley, Lexington's new Senator, came 200 miles to attend, letting everyone know that the same process that has left us without a duly elected senator has stolen him from his former constituents in Western KY.

There were a lot of TV news cameras and reporters at the event, so expect to see more updates on this blog and elsewhere over the next few days.

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Action Steps

Next up, we plan on taking this rally to Frankfort! - on Tuesday, Jan 24th

Who: You, Lexington Residents, Supporters of Democracy
What: Protest the disenfranchisement of Lexington
Where: Frankfort, KY Capitol Building and Annex
When: Tuesday January 24th
Why: Because your right to vote on who represents you is a fundamental part of American Democracy!

There will be a hearing at 8:30am in the Capital Annex for a bill to restore voting rights for former felons who have served their debt to society.  It's a separate issue, but would be good to come out in solidarity with them. 

After that, we'll be a physical presence in Frankfort throughout the day with small signs, stickers, etc. putting pressure on all the legislators who sacrificed Lexington. 

Rally at 2pm on the Capitol Steps!

At the rally, we also asked people to call upon Mayor Jim Gray to come out in support of our city and condemn this redistricting.

Contact-Office of the Mayor
200 E. Main Street
Lexington, KY 40507
Office: (859) 258-3100
Fax: (859) 258-3194

Issue Area(s): 

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