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Robin Webb Wins Senate Election



Representative Robin Webb has won the race for 18th District KY Senate today, by a slim 282 vote margin.

Robin Webb (D) - 8684 Votes - 48.1%
Jack Ditty (R) - 8402 Votes - 46.6%
Guy Gibbons (I) - 953 Votes - 5.3%

Total Registered Voters = 76,393
Total Votes Cast = 18,039
Turnout = 23.6%

Although 23.6% voter turnout is low, the turnout was slightly better than the average Special Election, perhaps because of the massive $370,000 candidates spent on their campaigns over the few weeks they ran - plus substantial statewide media attention.

This comes out to an incredible $20.51 spent per vote cast on average, not counting independent expenditures or any money the campaigns may have raised in the last few days of the campaign.  The high price tag for this race is a bad sign for our Democracy - showing the challenge of candidates who do not have access to large amounts of money.

The broader backdrop for this race is of course the battle over control of the Kentucky Senate.  With the Democratic Party's gain of this seat, they  now have 17 members to the Republicans' 21 (counting Leeper who is Independent, but caucuses with the Republicans).  Republican Majority Leader Dan Kelly is expected to vacate his seat later this year, triggering another election Senator Leeper is rumored to be considering a move as well. 

As always, KFTC endorsed no candidate in this race, but we actively contacted our members through email, mail, and phone, asking them to learn about the candidates, vote, and remind their friends and neighbors to do the same. 

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