Shelby County KFTC holds great chapter annual meeting | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Shelby County KFTC holds great chapter annual meeting

Platform additions opposing fracking and supporting animal rights highlighted Shelby KFTC's annual meeting Wednesday.

Pat Greer noted that KFTC's current platform covers underground mineral rights, but doesn't mention hydraulic fracturing, which poisons water supplies and affects more people than surface owners.

Members discussed the issue then agreed to propose anti-fracking, anti-tar-sands and anti-pipeline additions to the platform. Members will also work with Bluegrass Pipeline opponents in Nelson County to learn more about the pipeline and develop actions to address it.

Leslie McBride brought up the issue of animal rights.  Kentucky has one of the weakest animal protection systems in the nation, and thousands of pets, horses and other livestock suffer needlessly because of it.  Members agreed to propose adding support for animal rights legislation to the platform.

Carlen Pippin noted that Shelby KFTC has been quite active in the first year, with PSC support for the Shelby Energy reform campaign, a successful first fundraiser, and the Fairness Ordinance campaign. Members voted to continue as a KFTC chapter.

Members also agreed to:

 - improve monthly meetings with short training sessions to make actions more effective and expert speakers on current issues.

 - make Fairness Ordinance presentations at the first City Council meeting each month. 

 - reach out to potential new members by tabling at public events, concerts, fairs etc. throughout the county this summer.

 - confirm Leslie McBride as the Steering Committee Representative; Joanna Macklin as the Alternate; Patrick King, Bill Young and Carlen Pippen as Membership Coordinators, Ann Ellerkamp as Fundraising Coordinator and Lisa Aug as Publicity Coordinator.

 - confirm Carlen Pippin to the New Energy and Transition statewide committee, and nominate Bill Young to the Voter Empowerment committee, Leslie McBride to the Litigation Team and Patrick King to the Economic Justice Committee.

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