Shelby members keep focus on local fairness ordinance | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Shelby members keep focus on local fairness ordinance

Shelby KFTC members are exploring new avenues toward getting a Fairness Ordinance approved.

In December, the Shelbyville City Council declined to consider the Fairness Ordinance presented by Shelby County KFTC members in November. Chapter members will now work to address what appear to be the two biggest obstacles to approval: the false idea that the ordinance legalizes gay marriage, and the false concern that the ordinance will prove expensive to enforce.

On the conflation of fairness with gay marriage, members will reach out to local faith groups to educate them on how a Fairness Ordinance is simply anti-discrimination in housing and employment. As member Jane Thomas pointed out, faith groups oppose discrimination.

On the worry about cost of enforcement, members will substitute the detailed Fairness Ordinance adapted from the Louisville ordinance with the simple, three-page Fairness Ordinance passed in Vicco, Kentucky. If a town of 300 people can afford to enforce that Fairness Ordinance, then Shelby County and Shelbyville certainly can.

Member Carlen Pippin reported on his negotiations with Shelby Energy regarding the Members' Bill of Rights. He said the electric co-op's board of directors is complaining about the time required to deal with the chapter's questions, which they have answered in a non-constructive way. The board is threatening to sue the KFTC Shelby chapter to recover what they claim is thousands of dollars in costs to have their lawyer answer their own members' questions. Mr. Pippin also is talking to the Public Service Commission about Shelby Energy, and will keep the PSC in the loop at their request.

Several members will be participating as citizen lobbyists with KFTC during the General Assembly, on both I Love Mountains Day and the Fairness Lobby Day.

Members also approved a Trivia Night fundraiser for March 22 (see calendar for details) and discussed other fundraising ideas. Members mentioned trying to get animal rights on KFTC's issue radar. With the start of spring event/festival season, members will take advantage of opportunities to set up tables for public education about Shelby KFTC and our work on energy and fairness issues.

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