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Voter Empowerment Rundown


Voter Registration Deadline Today

Today was the voter registration deadline and KFTC members and staff across the state worked to double and triple check to make sure that we've gotten all of our cards turned in safely. 

The only snag in our operation today was that office workers in the Berea Madison County Clerk's office refused to accept several marginally incomplete cards, and refusing to accept any at all without an accompanying spreadsheet of information, not called for in Kentucky Law.  We're looking into the issue to see how we might be able to fix it in future elections.

If you need to register to vote today, there's still time so long as you can get a letter postmarked to the correct County clerk's office today.

Gubernatorial Candidate Debate Tonight

Candidates David Williams, Steve Beshear, and Gatewood Galbraith will all appear tonight in Richmond at 7pm Eastern.  It will be widely broadcast on radio and TV, so check your local listings.  This is a rare instance where all of the candidate for Governor will appear together to debate.  Unfortunately, no public questions will be allowed, but the answers can help people inform their vote come Nov 8th. 

Please Don't Call Me Homeless.  I Don't Call You Homed

This powerful play about homelessness will be performer at the Lexington's Kentucky Theater tonight at 7:30pm.  The play is almost entirely performed by Kentuckians who are homeless or have been in the past.  Some politicians have recently called into question whether people without addresses should be allowed to register to vote, so we expect this issue to be a part of the discussion tonight.  We'll also be interviewing several people.  Feel free to come join us.

"No Voter ID For Black Woman in Tennessee"

And finally, there was a powerful news story a few days ago about a woman in Tennessee who has been unable to vote in the wake of new state laws mandating people have photo IDs to vote.  An estimated 10% of American citizens of voting age have no such IDs and it can be challenging to acquire them.  Photo ID voting laws have recently been suggested in Kentucky and might come up in next year's legislative session.    Read the full story Here.

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