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Zombies, voter guides, and phone calls, oh-my.

gDSC_0427Scott County KFTC member have been busy lately

gDSC_0413A few days ago, we gathered with Georgetown NAACP and had an evening of voter mobilization calls, calling through a list of 150 people in an evening, and making a plan to distribute 300 print voter guides. 

Last night, our allies in the Georgetown College Sociology Club organized a Social Justice workshop where students got to learn about the work of such campus groups as the Student Abolitionist Movement, Student Women and Gender Society, Campus Spectrum, Georgetown Sustainability Initiative, Ambassadors of Diversity, and Common Ground (Campus Ministry).  

We also passed out voter guides and talked a littlee about KFTC's work.gDSC_0418

After that, seven of us made it over to the zombie Thriller Dance on Main Street and passed out over 900 light-hearted handbills encouraging people to vote and visit KentuckyElection.org Added to the 1,100 handbills we passed out in Lexington a few days earlier and 200 in Madison County,, that's 2,200.  Not bad. gDSC_0440

Tonight, 9 people came out to our monthly chapter meeting, where we planned a sound car for Election Day

Upcoming Scott County KFTC Events:

Monday, Nov 5th - Scott County Voter Mobilization Phone bank - 6:30pm at the Meeting House at Georgetown College.  We'll call Georgetown residents to make sure they're all set to vote, along with our local NAACP allies.   And this time, we'll have pizza!

Tuesday, Nov 6th - General Election.  We'll run the sound Car, hold signs, and pass out the last of our voter guides, meeting at 11:30am at the Lock and Key on Main St. in Georgetown.  Polls open 6am to 6pm.  www.KentuckyElection.org 

Saturday, Nov 17th - Annual Arty Pie Party 7:30pm.  Save the date!

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