Appalachian Transition

Eastern Kentucky is rich in human, ecological and natural resources. Our people, coal and land have contributed much to the nation’s economy and culture – often at great sacrifice. Now we face new challenges. Coal production and employment have been dropping for decades, and those trends are accelerating.

Today, right now, we must seize opportunities to begin a just transition to a more diverse, sustainable and thriving economy in the mountains. We have many inspiring ideas and examples to build on. We can nurture new businesses and grow new jobs in promising areas like clean energy, sustainable forestry and agriculture, and tourism. But it’s going to take all of us working together.

When we listen to each other and move beyond fear, we can develop a shared vision. Change for the better in eastern Kentucky will require creativity, sustained investment, good policies, community involvement, and courageous, accountable leadership.

On these pages you’ll find ideas and resources for promoting a just economic transition in Appalachia.