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Chapter: Shelby County

The Saddlebred Horse Capital of the World is the home of the Shelby County KFTC group, which became an official chapter in October 2012. The Shelby County Horse Fair each June represents just one slice of the extensive agricultural diversity that exists cheek-by-jowl with rapid residential and commercial development.

Shelby Countians seeking to make positive change in our community have been working since 2012 to reform the Shelby Energy Rural Electic Cooperative, and have started work on other issues of economic and social justice, including putting an end to wage theft, discrimination and animal cruelty.

We welcome everyone interested in improving economic and social justice in Shelby County. Please join us is building a more modern, just, equal and strong Shelby County.

Recent Activities

Shelby County Chapter Meeting Next Week

If you live in or near Shelby County, consider coming out and joining us at the next Shelby County KFTC meeting.  The chapter is in its first year as an offical KFTC chapter and would love to meet more people in the area!  The Shelby chapter of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth will hold its regular monthly meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 21 at the Stratton Center, 215 Washington St. We will discuss our upcoming Trivia Night fundraising on March 22, our experiences lobbying the General Assembly, and our campaigns to reform Shelby Energy and establish a Fairness Ordinance. Everyone is welcome.

Fairness, new energy, membership and fundraising keep Shelby members busy

On new energy, fairness, and fundraising and membership, KFTC Shelby County members are taking actions to move the chapter's goals forward.

New Energy: Carlen Pippen is working closely with the Public Service Commission on pushing Shelby Energy toward transparency. He also met with local Rep. Brad Montell regarding Shelby Energy's proxy voting policy, which Rep. Montell – a member of Shelby Energy himself – deplored as undemocratic and promised to help work to overturn.

Shelby members keep focus on local fairness ordinance

Shelby KFTC members are exploring new avenues toward getting a Fairness Ordinance approved.

In December, the Shelbyville City Council declined to consider the Fairness Ordinance presented by Shelby County KFTC members in November. Chapter members will now work to address what appear to be the two biggest obstacles to approval: the false idea that the ordinance legalizes gay marriage, and the false concern that the ordinance will prove expensive to enforce.

Fairness in Shelbyville

Shelby County KFTC members and supporters were visible with their blue T-shirts.

The Shelbyville City Council is considering a proposed Fairness Ordinance presented on November 15 by the Shelby County KFTC chapter.
Council members listened politely and without comment to pres

Members enjoy first Shelby annual chapter meeting

When people stop you at the dentist's office a week later to tell you how wonderful your annual meeting was, you can probably safely label it a success.

A group of KFTC members in Shelby County have been meeting together for several months and plan to petition at the statewide membership meeting in October to officially become a chapter.

In the meantime, 30 people enjoyed food, music and fun at the first Shelby chapter annual meeting September 10. Two of our members, Ann Ellerkamp and Gina Rose, catered the celebration for us at no charge and really outdid themselves with sweet and sour meatballs, meat and veggie wraps, stuffed dates, fresh fruit and veggies with dips and hummus, brie, brownies and cupcakes.

Shelby County poet Gail Chandler read several of her poems, evoking both her Kentucky childhood and her recent experiences helping people in Africa.


Regular Meetings:

Shelbyville, KY 40065
Monthly chapter meeting

We meet at 6 p.m. on the third Thursday every month. All are welcome.

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